Please refer to the general terms and conditions of sale

Art.6 - Price, payments and penalties

CLINITA s.r.l. accepts various methods of payment including, for illustrative purposes: credit card, bank transfer, third party online payment systems (by way of example and not exclusively: PayPal, Stripe). CLINITA s.r.l. reserves the right to refuse certain payment methods and to request different payment methods for certain orders. The agreed price/fees, unless otherwise specified in writing, are net of VAT and will include all costs incurred according to the terms and conditions indicated in the contract. CLINITA s.r.l. in the event of sale and/or supply of goods/services not of its own production or execution, reserves the right, however, to make appropriate changes to it to offset any demonstrable increases in the purchase price lists and other cost components, if they are 10% higher than those of the order date. Unless otherwise agreed, CLINITA s.r.l. shall invoice the Client for the activities carried out or services rendered, on the basis of the Activity Reports or progress reports regularly submitted by the person in charge of CLINITA s.r.l.'s commercial area and signed by the delegated Client's manager, or, in the case of continuous services, on a regular basis according to the provisions of the economic offer. Payment shall be made according to the methods and deadlines as set out in the economic part of the commercial offer. Any payments made to third parties will not be considered as having been completed until the relevant amounts have been received at their domicile and a corresponding receipt has been issued. Any delay or irregularity in payment, in addition to the right to commercial interest calculated in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2002, gives CLINITA s.r.l. the right to suspend supplies or terminate current contracts, even if not related to the payments in question, as well as the right to compensation for any damages. The Client is required to pay the sums due in full, even in the event of dispute or controversy, without prejudice to the Client's right to deposit such sums with a primary Credit Institution with an irrevocable order to forward them to the creditor in the event of resolution of the dispute in favour of the latter. Where payment of a fee is required, this will commence from the availability of the service or solution, regardless of the actual use by the Client. In case of second thoughts and unilateral cancellation of the order signed by the Client - before the beginning of the fulfilment by CLINITA s.r.l. - the Client shall pay to CLINITA s.r.l. a penalty of 1/3 of the total amount of the order if no specific activity has been carried out and a minimum of 50% of the same amount if such activity has been carried out. In any case, CLINITA s.r.l. has the right to retain any deposit paid and to request further amounts as full compensation for damages suffered.

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